Premarital Counseling & Education: An Investment in Your Future

Marriage is one of, if not the biggest decision a person can make in life. Marriage is a choice that requires commitment and loads of work. In the job market, having training, education, and experience are critical and usually mandatory if you want steady work, a good pay grade, and potential for promotions and growth. Since marriage is a career of sorts, why should it be any different?

If you want a successful and healthy marriage, I highly recommend seeking education or therapy prior to your wedding day. For those who are already married, it is never too late to seek additional training, even if things are going smoothly in your marriage, because we all have room for improvement and could benefit from more knowledge. Just like companies provide training workshops to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, a series of relationship education seminars or private counseling sessions can boost your marital satisfaction and strengthen the bonds you have both chosen to embrace.

Also do not think of it as all work and no fun, because like any solid investment, if you sow and maintain what you plant, you will reap a bountiful harvest. Martial therapy and education, especially for those whose wedding day is fast-approaching, can lead to all sort of new enjoyments, including a better sex life. According to a survey conducted in 2001 by Scott Stanley, Ph.D., couples who went through premarital counseling had a 31% lower rate of divorce. If you want to improve your marriage, I encourage you to look for education and counseling resources in your area. For those in Texas and the DFW area, feel free to contact me for information about great opportunities for you and your spouse or partner.

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