The “D” Word: Dealing with Divorce

Nowadays, even the mention of “marriage” almost instantly triggers unconscious and even conscious thoughts, fears, or precautions surrounding the prospect of “divorce”. As such a commonplace occurrence, we have all undoubtedly been affected by divorce, whether directly or indirectly. Depending upon divorce’s impact on your life, everyone’s personal experiences as a result are unique and varied. It is important to figure out how to deal with the shape of things resulting from such a life altering experience.

To begin, my intention is not to label divorce as good or bad, but simply to say that it affects all people involved and those connected, many of whom do not know what to expect or how to cope. One of the most important aspects of divorce is to understand that even though a marriage has ended, relationships as a result of this marriage do not cease to exist. This can include children, extended family, and mutual friends, just to name a few. For those getting divorced and those affected, things are going to change, physically, economically, and emotionally. As a result, almost every preexisting relationship will need be addressed because each person’s expectations and desires as an outcome of the divorce will differ. Keeping dialogue open along with other conscientious efforts to relate with those influenced will genuinely demonstrate that you are dealing with divorce.

Like most situations, there is no single best way for divorce to occur. What is important is to deal with its impact on you. Talk about what you are feeling and thinking, express your fears, doubts, or excitements, and make a point to listen to the others involved. As cliché as it may sound, every end brings about a new beginning, so use this opportunity to grow and create connections with others that have otherwise been stifled or neglected. To reiterate, divorce will absolutely cause changes, but these changes can be positive and potentially create better, stronger relationships between the individuals whose lives are influenced by The “D” Word.

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