What is MFT?

Marriage and Family Therapy, or MFT for short, is a specialization in the field of counseling. MFTs work from the premise that all people are part of multiple systems, and in order to enact positive, lasting change more effectively, the systems at play must be presented, understood, and approached in therapy. This notion is known as general systems theory, and it is fundamental in MFT training. The theory of change that an MFT chooses to use will vary depending on the therapist or the need of the client, but all theoretical frameworks are built on the foundation of systems.

As a clinically trained and independently licensed professional (LMFT), I truly believe the discipline of MFT to be unique in the field because of these foundational principles. I encourage all of you who are interested in learning more on these topics to ask me questions, do some of your own research, or find another professional who can elaborate or answer your queries. Thank you for reading and remember that your feedback is always welcome.

Please see the AAMFT website for more information.

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