I am happy and excited to offer Friends and Family Discounts for referrals! This is available to all existing clients who refer a friend, family member, or anyone else to therapy with me. Please contact me directly for your unique referral code to give to potential new clients. All codes are completely anonymous and confidential, meaning no identities will be revealed when discounts are received and applied.

When the referred client comes in for their initial session and provides me the referral code, I will give them a $15 discount on their first session*, as well as a $25 discount to you* on your next session! Your unique referral code can be used as many times as you want, so the more referrals that are made, the greater potential savings that can be earned on therapy services.

It is my honor to serve you and our community, and I believe that my clients, know the value of therapy. So send your friends, family, and colleagues that are in need my way, because you understand that THERAPY WILL HELP!

*Discounts only apply to private pay clients, and cannot be used towards insurance co-pays or co-insurance for compliance reasons.

Referral Code Request

Contact me below for your unique referral code!